“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

Top team effectiveness

Top team effectiveness facilitation brings structure and transparency to the why, the what and the how of team work, resulting in more alignment and awareness of leadership impact

Why are we here as a team? What is our joint purpose and intention?

A leadership team with a shared purpose will radiate energy, passion and commitment to the organization

What is it the team tries to achieve? What does every team member define as success and impact for the team? To what extent are their points of view aligned?

A team with a clear focus and commonly defined objectives will be more effective in realizing its goals than when the vision is not aligned.

What are the individual development objectives and ambitions of each team member?

If individual priorities are shared and made transparent, the personal connections, mutual responsiveness and enjoyment in the team will be enhanced.

How does the team work together? How are differences in leadership styles and personal preferences perceived? How could potential tensions arise?

In creating a better understanding of personal differences, mutual acceptance will be enhanced.

How are roles and responsibilities divided? How are working and communication processes designed? How are team members made accountable for their deliverables?

Clarifying a number of the how’s of team work will set the ground rules and improve the mutual accountability in the team.

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